Partnership with WEDO GLOBAL

February 2024

The Hong Kong Community Foundation has partnered with WEDO GLOBAL to promote Chinese culture among students from diverse cultural backgrounds. WEDO GLOBAL has initiated the "100 Fun Chinese Class" program, which aims to help non-Chinese speaking students develop their Chinese language skills and foster their interest in Chinese language and culture. As part of our collaboration, the teaching materials for the "100 Fun Chinese Class" have incorporated captivating illustrations and engaging stories from our publication, "Chinese Stories" during the academic year of 2024.

 Furthermore, together with WEDO GLOBAL, we invited 40 pairs of students and parents from HKTA Wun Tsuen School and Man Kiu Association Primary School to participate in a Chinese cultural workshop held at the Palace Academy of the Hong Kong Palace Museum. At the workshop, which shared cultural knowledge through fun and storytelling, the students learned about the cultural significance and symbolic meanings of Qing dynasty court costumes. They were also encouraged to unleash their creativity and apply what they had learned in the making of hand-painted tote bags.