Health Protocols

Combating COVID-19

If you are exposed to or tested positive for COVID-19

1 | For people feeling unwell

Please seek medical advice immediately and take a test (even if you have very mild symptoms).

About rapid antigen test

Please refer to the announcement about ‘Selecting and using rapid antigen tests’ for more information about the test.

2 | For people who have tested positive

Health protocols when tested positive (for a family of three)

Health protocols when tested positive (for elderly aged 70 or above)

Points to Note for Persons Pending Admission 

People with positive or preliminary positive COVID-19 nucleic acid test results will receive an SMS notification about the result, together with a request to fill in an electronic form ( to submit information, including those on family members living in the same household.

Please refer to the ‘Criteria for Early Discharge from Isolation’ and ‘Discharge Criteria for COVID-19 Infected Persons

3 | For people who are close contacts of a confirmed case

·  Put on a well-fitted surgical mask properly and maintain at least one-metre social distance from the confinee.

·  Maintain good ventilation and environment hygiene at home (including kitchen and toilet). 

·  Maintain good personal hygiene, especially hand hygiene.

·  Monitor health condition and call 'StayHomeSafe' Scheme hotline (1833 019) for assistance if symptoms develop or see scenario 1.

Useful contacts:

      3693 4770 

  • Apply for admission to isolation facilities via the Fire Services  Department 

      WhatsApp: 5233 1833 WeChat: fsd_cif

  • Door-to-door Vaccination Programme  
    Registration hotline: 3705 5658
  • Pharmacist Hotline supporting diagnosed patients at home  
    6618 9212

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